Welcome to KamenSvet

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We are the "Seal of Identity" in Selected Gemstones

Our Mission: Provide the best Onyx and Obsidian Gemstone´s Products

Under our Seal KamenSvet, you´ll found the best Beads and Decorative Objects.
They are Unmistakable, Elegant and Lasting time

What We Do?

The Nature Provide us Onyx and Obsidian Gemstones to create beads and Decorative Objects of Unrivaled Beauty.

Our Artisans, select and cut Carefully Unique and Incomparable Handmade Objects.

KamenSvet offers you a wide range of Gemstone´s products, Exclusive,
to create your own Artworks.


Black - Black&Silver- Mahogany (Brown & Dark Brown)
Light Grey - Dark Grey - Transparent (Brown Bottle)


White - Cream - Honey - Jasper



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If you have questions or want to buy our products
Please send us an E-mail to :info@kamensvet.com

Velazquez Street, 27 1º Left. - 28001 Madrid (Spain)
Phone: +34 615 352 558 - info@kamensvet.com